The Inside Scoop about Pet Probiotics

Adding something new to your diet or routine can be scary, especially if it is for your health. When it comes to your dogs’ diet and routing, adding something to their lives for their health can be petrifying…there are so many things on the market and how do you know what is a good product, and what is plain crap? It’s just so hard and takes so long to do research on different dietary supplements for dogs and there are so many out there. I was recently looking into pet probiotics for my dogs…I take probiotics for various reasons and I noticed that my dogs were not (for lack of a better word) pooping properly. I changed their normal food to a different brand thinking that they were just eating dog food that wasn’t good for their stomachs. But over time they were still showing signs that their digestion system wasn’t working properly. So that’s when I started looking into Probiotics.

The word Probiotic originates from the Latin preposition pro meaning “for” and the Greek word bios meaning “life”, so it’s only natural to take a probiotic to make your life better. Probiotics are vital microorganisms that live in various parts of a human body and of a dog’s body. Parts of a dog’s body include:

  • On the surface of the skin
  • The oral cavity
  • Nasal cavity
  • Respiratory organs
  • The gastrointestinal tract
  • Vagina

Just like human probiotics, pet probiotics are also referred to as “good bacteria” and not all bacteria is harmful. Both humans and dogs need certain bacteria to stay healthy and with probiotics being the “good” kind of bacteria, it allows your dog to stay healthy.

Searching for a probiotic online is a pure headache and nightmare. There are so many advertisements stating that their products are the best and the products are a “cure-all”. How do you know what product is good and what product is bad? After searching for what seems like forever, I stumbled upon ProVet Nutrition Probiotics.

            ProVet Nutrition Probiotics caught my eye because they weren’t saying the same old statements in their advertisements. The statements that are made on their website are backed by research and veterinarians that truly cared about developing this product for the sole purpose of making your dog as healthy as they can be! The natural ingredients that they added into their probiotics have been proven to slow or eliminate diarrhea, reduce allergy symptoms, improves both coat health/skin and the digestive health of your dog, strengthens the immune system and increases the natural nutrient absorption.

            After I had read all the material on ProVet Nutrition Probiotics I then decided that it was time to establish probiotics in the diets of my three dogs. All of my dogs are different ages, sizes, and breeds so I consulted the customer service support at ProVet Nutrition and they quickly helped me figure out the dosage for each of my dogs. I started giving my dogs the probiotics daily in their food, so far I have seen nothing but amazing results! All of my dogs are digesting their food better (its easy to tell when cleaning up after them on our daily walks) and their coats have never been softer or have more shine to them! There all around general health seems to have improved and they are nothing but happy! At their annual check-up and vaccine update, my veterinarian was praising me for taking such good care of my dogs…I explained that it really wasn’t any major change in our daily routine, I just simply added this probiotic to their breakfast and the results of the boost to their health were seen almost instantly! My veterinarian has now recommended ProVet Nutrition Probiotics to all of her clients and all of my fellow fur parents have now incorporated the probiotics into their pets' daily routine! It really is a miracle product that will give your pet a boost to their health and ease your worries.