Ditch the Chocolate Bunnies this Easter, it could save your dog's life

There are around 90 million chocolate bunnies sold each year around Easter. Chocolate has always been toxic to dogs, and responsible pet owners know that is. But many pet owners do not understand why chocolate is so poisonous and deadly to dogs. Dogs naturally have a sweet tooth, and their powerful nose leads them straight to chocolate, and it makes it irresistible. Chocolate that is available around Easter is more enticing to dogs because there are ribbons, fancy foil, and their curiosity gets the best of them.


So what is it about chocolate that makes it so dangerous? While chocolate tastes excellent to us humans, it contains a lousy compound called theobromine, which could be fatal if your cat or dog ingested it. A potentially fatal theobromine dosage for dogs is 52mg and 832mg for cats. Keep in mind that the statistic is based on the average size of a cat and a dog of around 20lbs. A potentially fatal dosage could vary based on the breed, size, and age of your pet. 

Theobromine is found in all different kinds of chocolate that we enjoy all year round and especially around Easter.


If you’re reading this, your best furry-friend probably ate some chocolate, and now you’re panicking about their health. Many different factors go into determining the level of toxicity. Your dog’s weight, the amount of chocolate eaten, and the type of chocolate can determine how toxic. If your dog has ingested chocolate, quickly contact your veterinarian to avoid any health issues and to make sure that your furry friend will be okay.