What the heck is Boswellia and why is it good for my dog? Well first let me explain what Boswellia is. Boswellia Serrata, also known as Indian Frankincense, is a resinous gum extract of the Boswellia bush. The resin has been used in Ayurvedic medicine (which is the world’s oldest holistic healing system) to treat pain, inflammation, and other illnesses for centuries. Native to India, Boswellia contains alpha and beta Boswellia acids which have been known to have anti-inflammatory properties. The compounds in Boswellia decrease glycosaminoglycan and inhibit mediators of autoimmune disorders, and this slows the progression of cartilage damage in arthritic joints. It also works by shrinking the inflamed tissue, thereby improving blood supply to the affected areas of the body and enhancing the repair of damaged blood vessels. A Swiss study showed that dogs with osteoarthritis and degenerative conditions who were given Boswellia Serrata extract experienced relief from symptoms. After two weeks of treatment, researchers found the dogs showed 71% improvement in symptoms after and after six weeks, dogs showed reduced lames and increased smoothness of gait. There have also been several more studies that showed boswellic acid blocks the pro-inflammatory enzyme 5-lipoxygenase, which inhibits the synthesis of leukotrienes. Both of those enzymes contribute to chronic inflammation in diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, cancer, and asthma.

So now that you know what Boswellia is, and kind of what it does, you’re probably wondering why it is great for your dog. Here are some reasons why this ancient resin is good for your dog:

  1. It is great for dogs that suffer from osteoarthritis because of its properties to reduce the inflammation of the joints.
  2. It is beneficial for treating some digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome and other forms of gastric irritation.
  3. It can be helpful with some skin irritations and issues
  4. Unlike other forms of anti-inflammation drugs, Boswellia does not negatively affect your pet’s digestive tract.
  5. It is a safe form of Ayurvedic herbal therapy, and it does not negatively affect the heart rate or blood pressure.
There are mild and rare side effects from Boswellia which include possible mild diarrhea or flatulence.