Cleaning up all that dog hair

There is no denying that we love our dogs. But their hair being everywhere is probably one of the most frustrating things about our dogs. It is especially disappointing when we go to wash their bedding and blankets in your washing machines and boom; everything is plagued in dog hair. There is sometimes such a thick layer of dog hair that the entire device is destroyed. There is a way that you can get your dog’s comfy blankets and the covers of their beds fresh and clean without destroying your washing machine. 

           Did you know that when the water combines with thick clumps of hair, it creates this gross sludgy mess that sticks to EVERYTHING? Your clothes, the inside of the drain pumps, and the inside of the washing machine drum get a thick layer of dog hair. The adhesive layer of dog hair will eventually lead to the washing machine becoming clogged because the water can no longer drain the water out efficiently. If your washing machine is not cleaned and has the proper maintenance, it can cause permanent damage and may lead to replacing your machine. 


Cleaning your clothes 


           If you love to cuddle with your dog, your top and pants are most likely the things that attract the most dog hair. A recommendation is that you lint roll your clothes before you put them in the washing machine. The lint roller will collect any loose hair that was on your clothes and will give your washing machine a little break. Being a dog owner means that you probably have a few lint rollers lying around. 


Your Bedding


           Many dog owners have admitted that they allow their dogs to sleep on their beds. Chances are, your dog sleeps all over the bed, which means their hair went all over the sheets and comforter. Before you put your bedding in the washer, toss it in the dryer for a 10-minute cycle with no heat and a dryer sheet to reduce any static. This will help take off any loose hair and send it right to the lint trap. After the quick dryer session, shake them out so you can get any remaining to lose hair and then wash your bedding as usual. You can also add a half cup of white vinegar to the load during the rinse cycle. The white vinegar will act as a natural fabric softener that relaxes materials and loosens the pet hair. After the washing cycle is done, you can move your bedding to the dryer and dry it as usual. 


Their Bedding


           One of the germiest places in your home is your dog’s bed. Anything that they roll around it or step in is probably on their bed. The first step to getting it fresh and clean is taking a vacuum to it. The vacuuming will help get rid of loose debris and hair that might have settled to the bottom of the cushion. If there is a removable cover, take it off and use a stain remover to get rid of any stains or marks that you don’t want. Typically covers for dog beds have washing instructions, so follow that if you’re using a machine. If their dog bed is enormous, you may have to use a bathtub and wash it by hand, which works but takes a bit longer to get the cover clean. As long as the water is hot and there is a detergent, you’re on your way to killing any parasites or germs that might be lurking on the fabric. You can air-dry the cover or chuck it in the dryer, but make sure that you stop the cycle halfway through so you can clean the lint trap. Cleaning out the lint trap will help with the drying process and making sure that everything is safe. 


Their Toys


           Your dog’s favorite soft toy does need to be cleaned, and it needs to be cleaned regularly. You can toss them into the washing machine for a cycle after you stick them in a pillowcase, so they don’t suffer too much of a beating! Once the period is done, take your dog’s favorite toy out for air dry! I’m sure your dog will be one happy pup when they are reunited with their beloved toy!


Clean that Washing Machine 


           After all the toys, dog bed covers, sheets, and your clothes, what do you do next? You need to clean out your washing machine to avoid any clogs! You will need to run an empty cycle first to rinse out any extra hair that is still inside the machine; this will make it easier to clean. After the empty cycle is done, wipe out the drum, this will keep it disinfected and clean while making sure that all loose hair is gone. If there is a lot of hair, you can vacuum the interior of the drum to get any remaining hair out. Usually, on the front of the machine under a panel, you’ll find the drain. Unscrew the drain and allow it to drain into an empty basin and make sure that you have a towel down. Check the drain for any clumps of dog hair that need to be removed or that may be wrapped around the plug that you remove. 



It’s essential to keep your clothes and your dog’s bed clean, and it is also necessary to keep your washing machine in good working order, so it lasts a long time.