Owner's Guide to Health & Wellness at Home

Bringing home a new furry loved one can be quite intimidating, or making sure that you're giving your loved one a happy and healthy life can make anyone anxious. Where is the starting point on making sure that your best friend lives their best life? The starting point can be the hardest thing to figure out, but making sure that you're incorporating elements into your dog's daily life will prevent future issues.


           An excellent place to start is to choose pet products that help maintain good oral health. Some pet foods have been formulated to chemically or mechanically assist in plaque control. If your pet's teeth are not checked regularly, plaque and tartar build-up can lead to periodontal disease, which could affect organs such as the kidneys, liver, and the heart. There are many types of products that are good to give to your dog like dental-health pet foods, edible chew treats, water additives, toothpaste, and oral sprays. Similarly, there are dental-health pet foods for cats, including dry foods, edible treats, toothpaste, wipes, and water additives that will keep your cat's teeth plaque-free. Brushing your pet's teeth every day may not be ideal. Still, it is helpful to prevent any tartar build-up, and it may help avoid expensive trips to the vet office for professional scaling and polishing under general anesthesia.


           Exercise, as part of a daily routine, is ideal for any pet's life as well as your own. Obesity can increase the risk of heart disease and other problems in people; obesity in pets can increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and many types of cancer in pets. There has also been research showing that excess weight can shorten a pet's life expectancy by as much as two and a half years! The thought of losing your best friend is sometimes unbearable, so introducing regular exercise in your pet's life as well as your own will give you both a pathway to a healthy life. Walking is the cornerstone activity for canine fitness, fetch is also a fun game, going for a run or going swimming can also be more joyful during the warmer months. We all know that cats are programmed differently than dogs, so they love to engage in short bursts of activity rather than long work-out sessions. Stalking and hunting are irresistible to cats and their predatory instincts. Having toys like laser pointers or fishing-rod toys encourage their aerobic activity while interactive toys can promote activity cat when they're home alone. Something to keep in mind is the type of exercise that would be appropriate for your pet's age, body conditions, and state of health. If you're not sure about the suitability of the activity, it would be wise to consult your veterinarian.


           Of course, life gets in the way sometimes of keeping a routine of exercise in your lives. Preventative measures like taking your pet for a regular wellness check and providing supplements into your pet's diet are an excellent way to ensure that your pet has a happy and healthy life. Joint Health + is designed to keep the joints of your pet happy and healthy. Collagen, MSM, Turmeric (Curcumin), Glucosamine, Boswellia, Chondroitin are in every Joint Health + capsule to help increase mobility, relieves joint pain & stiffness, support connective tissue, and is a potent natural anti-inflammatory. Pet Probiotics is designed to optimize the digestion health in cats and dogs by increasing nutrient absorption, strengthens the immune system, improves coat health & skin, reduces allergy symptoms & it slows and eliminates diarrhea. Introducing these supplements into your pet's daily routine through their regular food, or treats will keep your pet on track for a healthy life without digestion issues or joint issues.